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Keep your distributed team accountable and running effectively by asynchronously collecting status updates directly in Slack. Create your first team standup in minutes.

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Standups on autopilot

StandupWizard helps your team run seamlessly by automating the entire status check-in process

Keep your team aligned

StandupWizard ensures your entire team remains on the same page by facilitating collaboration and communication. Team members stay accountable and transparent by automatically having their standup reports shared to a central team channel for everyone to see.

Broadcast to channels

Reduce meetings and optimize time

Streamline the standup process and optimize your team's time by reducing the number of meetings required day-to-day. With less meetings, your team can spend more time heads down without interruption working towards important goals.

Reduce meetings

Get a clear view of the big picture

StandupWizard comes equipped with a powerful dashboard that provides insight and the ability to filter on all reports over time so managers and stakeholders can get a clear picture and identify challenges or roadblocks early.

StandupWizard Dashboard

Remain flexible in a distributed world

Multiple timezones and irregular schedules make finding a meeting time that works for your whole team extremely difficult. StandupWizard runs asynchronous standups to be more flexible with your team's time while still achieving great results.

Timezone support

Everything you need to run an effective team

StandupWizard is made to fit any team and has what you need to ensure team collaboration and communication never slows down.

Automated Reminders

Configure standup days and pick a standup time, StandupWizard will take care of the rest for you.

Frequency Customization

Each standup can be customized to run on selected report days every week, every other week, and so on.

Advanced Report Filtering

Use the StandupWizard dashboard to review and filter on all historical standup reports with ease.

Reporting History

Look at a specific participant's entire reporting history for a given standup over a desired period of time.

Reporting Statistics

The StandupWizard dashboard provides statistics on standups as well as individual participant reporting.

Timezone Support

Standup reminders can be sent out in a specified timezone or in the participant's own timezone.

Participant Flexibility

Participants can snooze reminders if busy, mark themself absent for the day, or even report manually anytime.

Download Standup Data

Easily download report data for a given day across the team or over time for a specific participant.

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30 day free trial. No credit card required.