Asynchronous standups forremote teams

Keep your distributed team in sync by running automated team standups directly in Slack. Create your first standup in seconds.

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Standups on autopilot

StandupWizard comes with everything you need to run effective standups for distributed teams

Broadcast to the team

Team communication is essential for effective standups. StandupWizard makes it easy to run asynchronous standups by broadcasting each participants standup report to a common Slack channel for the rest of the team to see.

Broadcast to channels

Filter reports and participants

In addition to the broadcast channel, standup owners or admins can easily view all reports on the dashboard for any given day. You can also filter out participants and questions to find exactly what you are looking for without unnecessary noise.

Filter reports and participants

View report history

Curious to know how a team member has been doing over time and what they have been reporting? The StandupWizard dashboard makes it easy to select specific participants and see their reporting history over a period of time for a standup.

Participant History

Don't skip a beat with remote standups

No matter how your distributed team is setup, StandupWizard has what you need to ensure team collaboration and communication never slows down.

Automated Reminders

Configure standup days and pick a standup time, StandupWizard will take care of the rest for you.

Timezone Support

Standup reminders can be sent out in a specified timezone or in each of the participant's timezones.

Participant Flexibility

Participants can snooze reminders if busy, mark themself absent for the day, or even report manually anytime.

Download Standup Data

Easily download report data for a given day across the team or over time for a specific participant.

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