June 14, 2023

New Feature: Report Frequency

New Feature: Report Frequency

Traditionally, standups run throughout the week and repeat every week, however not all checkins need to run every week. StandupWizard now supports having your standup days repeat every other week, every three weeks, or every four weeks.

How to change standup frequency

By default, all standups in StandupWizard repeat every week on the defined report days. When creating a new standup or editing an existing one, you'll now see a Frequency field under the Schedule section. The options here are: repeat every week (default), repeat every 2 weeks, repeat every 3 weeks, or repeat every 4 weeks.


For example, if you select Repeat every 3 weeks, your standup will run the first week (or the next time its set to run if updating an existing standup). After that, rather than start over after Sunday on the next week, the standup will only run again 3 weeks later on Monday (meaning 2 weeks are skipped in between).


You can now opt to change your standup report frequency from repeating on the selected report days every week to repeating every second, third, or fourth week as well.

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