April 4, 2023

New Feature: Report Reminders

New Feature: Report Reminders

Want to remind your standup participants to submit their report if they haven't already? Introducing report reminders, an easy way to ensure all your standup participants remember to submit their reports by reminding those who haven't yet submitted before the reporting time is up. You can choose to remind an hour, 45 minutes, 30 minutes, or 15 minutes before the scheduled end date.

How to enable report reminders

Report reminders are automatically enabled when your standup has a reporting limit set. By default, when you have a reporting limit set the participant report reminder will be set to No reminder. To change that, navigate to the Schedule section of your standup settings, ensure Limit Reporting Time is enabled, and below that you will find the field Participant Report Reminder where you can choose an hour, 45 minute, 30 minute, or 15 minute reminder interval.

For example, if your standup is sent out at 10AM with a 3 hour reporting window, setting a report reminder of an hour will send all participants who haven't reported a reminder message at 12PM.

Report reminder setting


You can now send reminders to participants who haven't reported by choosing the reminder interval under the Schedule section in your standup settings if you have a reporting length limit set.

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